Pennies – Budget and Expenses App Reviews

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Perfect and simple

Its the app that Ive had designed on my desk at home for the last year. I didnt build it and they did. And they did a great job. I hope the next version has budgets that can be shared with another person.

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Clean, simple, awesome!

Great app to keep tabs on your expenses. I use it to monitor how much I have charged to my cc so I dont exceed a certain amount.. The interface is clean, simple and well thought out. Kudos!

Easy interface

Attractive, simple to use. I do wish there was a way to see ending balances for previous months.

Simple and easy to use

Very good simple app that helps to keep track of expenses the easy way. Its simplicity its its biggest strength. The design is very nice too.


In this world of madness its good to have stability on my spending better. Updated

Simple, effective, minimalist spending tracker

This is not a budgeting app for power users who need to balance a dozen accounts and multiple streams of income. Its meant for people like me and my wife, who each have a separate checking account full of "fun money" that we can spend on whatever we please. We just need something to keep us from overspending whatever weve allotted for the month. This app is ideal for that. Its simple, clean, effective, and the best budgeting app Ive used so far.

Awesome app & great support

I have been thoroughly pleased with all of the features of this app. The iCloud sync is especially good, and much better than the last app I was using for my expense tracking. The developer is also quick to respond with help and updates. I asked for a new feature, thinking that was what I needed to solve my particular need; the developer responded within a few days with both suggestions on a solution and that my request would be added in the next update. Im very happy with this app and it was well with the money spent and then some!

Its good

Its good. Kinda expensive tho...


A great way to track expenses with a very simple UI. Now syncs across devices too!

Works well

Love it. Simple and well designed.

Finally found a use for it!

Ive had this app for a while but not a situation where I could actually use it. Now I finally do and I love it!

The app Ive been looking for

After reading I Will Teach You To Be Rich, I created a weekly allowance for myself to spend guilt free. This app enables me to keep track of my spending per day and for the week so I know exactly how much I have left until pay day. I love the roll over feature so any amount of money unspent goes into next weeks budget and vice versa when Im in the red. The only way this app could be even better would be if it tracked my spending automatically

Great for tracking expenses

I use pennies everyday to track my monthly credit card budget! After every purchase I record what I spent and pennies gives me a total of what I have left. It takes the guess work out of spending and helps me to stay on track!

Needs some bug fixes

iCloud syncing takes forever. Also the iPad syncing is overwriting the iPhone one. Perhaps you should look into that.

Great Budgeting App!

This app makes it easy to keep track of my budget. Inputting my expenses and income couldnt be easier. Icing on the cake is the fact that you get a dedicated iPad and iPhone version. You can create all the budgets you want. Try Pennies today!

New update is great

Update corrects many of the issues I had with the app before. Very intuitive and easy to use, great for tracking discretionary spending

Just what I needed

I know so many people who thrive on the "envelope system" of paying cash for everything, but I travel for work and it wasnt practical for me... But then I found this app, and its like a virtual envelope system! I love it! Also, when I did have a problem with the app crashing, I emailed the developer, and she responded right away. Cheers to indie female app designers! Get it!

The best out there

I recommend it to all my friends

Great budgeting tool!

I was looking for a simple budget management tool, and I am so happy I found this one. Easy to record spent money and see how much is left each day.

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