Pennies – Budget and Expenses App Reviews

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Simple and easy to use

Very good simple app that helps to keep track of expenses the easy way. Its simplicity its its biggest strength. The design is very nice too.


The app crashes as soon as I try to open it.

Pennies! Worth more than Cents

Im not even sure how I stumbled across this particular application. Notwithstanding, Im glad I did! Its a very simple but powerful expense management tool that allows one to keep track of their spending. I love how simple and elegant it looks on my iPhone 6S Plus. I recommend this app for all users who want to manage their monies


Although its so basic, its difficult to log in the expenses and poor designed options. Wish I could get my money back.

Waited for this App

Have gone through many apps like this, but far and away this app stands alone in ease of use, layout, and feel, excellent for assisting in our monthly budgeting for our family of 3


I use this app every day. It has actually helped me save a couple hundred dollars a month. Seeing the budget dwindle continually does wonders for making those little decisions to save a dollar here and ten dollars there. Beautiful design, a pleasure to use.

This is the one!

Ive been waiting for over a year for an app like this one (ever since Toshl decided to make a total and unusable mess of their app, in fact). Ive bought and tried quite a few since, but never found one that worked so well as this one, with a wonderful user interface and weekly budget. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that there is no web app. Id like to be able to enter transactions on my computer... especially when I fall a bit behind and I have to enter multiple transactions at once.

Needs some bug fixes

iCloud syncing takes forever. Also the iPad syncing is overwriting the iPhone one. Perhaps you should look into that.

Great for tracking expenses

I use pennies everyday to track my monthly credit card budget! After every purchase I record what I spent and pennies gives me a total of what I have left. It takes the guess work out of spending and helps me to stay on track!

Its good

Its good. Kinda expensive tho...

Great app!

Great and simple app! I love it.

Simple and effective

App works great now and is simple and easy to use.

Used to have difficulties budgeting.

I used to have difficulties budgeting both my day to day expenses and bills. But this app has really helped, and now Im even putting money into savings.

The little app that could...

literally change your life! Its so simple and easy to use! Two days ago I had an issue with an update that no longer allowed me to use the app. The developer reached out to me and offered to help me troubleshoot to resolve the issue! Im so happy that the newest update did work and now Im able to use the app again! I highly recommend this app! Great customer service deserves great feedback and two thumbs up

No more overdrafts

Mi use pennies as mi electronic overdraft wallet keeps mi on track with the money in the bank check that are written but not posted were the ones that would get mi no more! Thanks to pennies with mi on mi iphone

Great but.......

Why cant I input anything on my Apple Watch?? It just lets me view what I have input on my phone.


This app is good and I use everyday, the only complaint is that ,doesnt have any kind of lock or finger prints. But still it is a 5 star app. Good job.

Very easy to use. Great experience

This little app helps me put my finances into perspective. Simplicity is key and Pennies is very simple. I would recommend this app to people who just need a little guidance with their finances; you can set a biweekly budget of whatever amount you want and it will let you know when youre over or under your budget. For example, I get paid every two weeks so I set a spending budget of about $350 till my next paycheck. I log in what Ive spent and itll show how much I can spend till next paycheck and will also show how much to spend in each day to not go over budget. Its easy.Try it out!


This is the worst experience Ive ever had with any application purchased for my devices. It locks up my keyboard, hangs the entire tablet or phone and shuts down my equipment at random. I have only this app open and in use at a single session and it still does the same thing.

Works well, easy to use

Im trying to keep track of where my money goes, and this app is great for this. I like that I can include notes for each expense if I want. Best of all, its super easy to use, which means that I actually use it. I had some trouble with the upgrade, and the developer was so helpful, emailing me back quickly with helpful suggestions. That makes it doubly worth the money!

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